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Join the ranks of the largest and most competitive legal and professional service firms that don't leave the question of "where did my time go" to memory or chance.

KnowMore by Element55 automatically captures time and delivers the report back to the professional or the assistant in a simple, secure, private report. No Big Brother here.

Whether from desktop, laptop, remote access (yes, Citrix too), mobile, calendar, office phone, dictation - wherever they work, the information is captured for them, cross-referenced. and delivered by email, web, mobile app - or even paper, if that's how they'll read it!

Six More Billable Hours Per Month

Professionals who have access to their automatically captured day recover an additional six billable hours per month, according to the seminal study "Zero Click Time Capture" published by the International Legal Technology Association.

Of course, some capture more and some less - but consider the math! (Compare it with the pricing below!)

Isn't that worth a free trial?

6 billable hours / month

x $250 / hour

x 50 professionals

$75,000 per month recovered revenue.

Outstanding Support

Consistently rave reviews from law firm IT departments.

Element55 provides the rare combination of simple and easy to maintain technology with amazingly responsive support.

We have over a decade of experience with subscription models, which means we only succeed when our clients do.

As a result, our clients consistently laud our support team for rapid tackling of issues and our technology that has so few issues to begin with.

Free to Try Inexpensive to Keep

Try KnowMore with a no-obligation pilot.

Free Installation: 90 minutes on a call with us and you are up and running.

Free 30 Day Trial: Give to as many professionals as you like. If it's a win, great. If not, we part friends.

$99 Single-User pricing: We call it "Prime" - if you have one timekeeper with need, that's great, we can help him or her!

$299 Small-Group pricing: Up to 10 professionals get their time automatically. No obligation.

Firmwide license - call us!: Give to as many as you like. 5,000 seat maximum (but is that really a problem?).